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Cancellation Policy

Thank you for choosing PH Course Consulting e.K. (referred to as "we," "us," or "our") for your course promotion needs. Please read our cancellation policy carefully before engaging our services. By using our services, you agree to be bound by this policy.

1. Cancellation of Services:

1.1 Client Initiated Cancellation: If a client wishes to cancel our services after making payment but before our service has commenced, they must provide written notice of cancellation at the earliest possible time to be eligible for a refund.

1.2 Refunds: Refunds are only applicable for cancellations made before our service has begun. Once our service has commenced and we have incurred costs related to course promotion, template and document provision, and intellectual property sharing, we cannot offer refunds. Additionally, once intellectual property documents have been shared with the client, they cannot be retracted or refunded.


2. Expenses and Intellectual Property:

2.1 Course Promotion Expenses: Once a client engages our services, we allocate resources, time, and effort to promote their course using various marketing strategies. These expenses are incurred promptly upon commencement of the service.

2.2 Templates and Intellectual Property: We provide clients with templates, informational materials, and marketing strategies. These materials are valuable intellectual property developed by PH Course Consulting e.K. and are made available to clients as part of the service. As such, clients may not claim ownership or distribute these materials to third parties without our written consent.

3. Non-Guarantee of Specific Outcomes:

3.1 Course Promotion Outcomes: While we employ our best efforts and expertise in course promotion, we do not guarantee specific results, such as a predetermined number of course enrollments, sales, or revenue. Course performance may vary depending on various factors beyond our control, including market conditions and course content.

4. Termination by PH Course Consulting e.K.:

4.1 Termination Due to Violation: We reserve the right to terminate our services to a client if there is a violation of any laws, regulations, or breach of these terms and conditions.

5. Exceptions:

5.1 Force Majeure: In the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure events that prevent us from delivering the agreed-upon services, we will make every effort to discuss alternatives with the client.

6. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our cancellation policy, please contact us at:

PH Media & Consulting LLC

7901 4th St N STE 300

St. Petersburg, FL 33702
United States



Last Updated: 23.07.2023

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