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Our Strategy

Over the past two years, we developed a strategy that is successful for courses in all niches on Udemy and in every language. Our team handles the entire marketing process for you, so that you'll have minimal work to do on your end.


Course Improvement

Our advanced Udemy tool analyzes your and your competitors' course landing pages, and we use this data to guide you on necessary improvements, so that your courses will rank higher on udemy. We will provide you with templates for landing page optimization, valuable tips for improvement, ready-to-use copy-and-paste message templates, as well as guidance to enhance your understanding of the Udemy algorithm.


Udemy Algorithm

We promote 3 coupons (3000 students) for each course each month. In this phase, your courses get a higher ranking and thus will create more organic sales! With Social Media Ads & FB Groups, we promote your courses to hundreds of thousands of real people. Through the many new free enrollments and a few marketing tricks, we improve your udemy algorithm. This will make your course rank higher and be more visible to new customers.



We gain more reviews through asking and encouraging existing and new students. Within a few months your account will have over 100,000+ free students and 500+ real reviews. We promise you 20 - 40 real 4,5 - 5 star reviews per course per month. This will lead to a better udemy profile and to a higher rated course and thus to more trust for potential customers. The reviews are done by real students and they actually watch the course.


New Sales Markets

We connect you with the contacts of 3 - 4 other platforms that will create some extra income each month. Publishing courses on these additional platforms can be started after 3 - 4 months, as only courses with a high number of udemy enrollments and min. 4.5 star reviews are accepted by them.



Our unique strategy harnesses the power of cross-promotion, equipping instructors with ready-to-use messages that highlight their diverse courses and programs to their existing student base. By leveraging the trust you've already established, these messages seamlessly introduce students to your other offerings (Courses, Website...), thereby maximizing retention and engagement. This approach not only ensures consistent communication about your latest courses but also positions you to capitalize on established student relationships, expanding your reach and boosting enrollments.

Book a call if you have any questions

 Kindly ensure that you have watched the video and understood both the strategy and pricing.
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