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Your Udemy Success Starts Here

Celebrating a major milestone! We've hit 100 monthly clients, actively promoting over 1000 courses. At PH Course Consulting, we don't just promise – we guarantee more students, engagement, and a significant boost in your ranking for increased visibility. 


PH Course Consulting is the only Agency that focuses on all areas that optimizes courses, organic ratings and sales. 
We focus where marke
ting truly makes an impact: Your all-in-one solution.

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Paul Heidiri, CEO 



Book a plan on our website. After booking, send us the coupon codes and improve your landing page as instructed.

First Results 

Experience an influx of free students, organic reviews, and increased engagement + improvement in your ranking.





Upsells & New Markets

Utilize our copy-and-paste messages + reach out to more course platforms. Observe your statistics rising and further improvements in ranking.

Organic Sales

Your courses are now optimized and perfectly ranked. Witness organic sales and high engagement.




Fulltime Instructor

At this stage, your ranking and sales are high. Start building your high-priced sales funnel according to our instructions and launch more courses.


About Us

Who We Are?

We turn Udemy Online Courses into Bestseller. Generate a 4-5 digit monthly passive income with our 5-phase strategy. At PH Course Consulting, we understand that creating a high-quality course is only half the battle. To truly succeed in the competitive online education landscape, instructors need an exceptional marketing strategy to reach their target audience effectively. 
We also offer to promote 1 course for a minimum of 6 months!

Our strategy

What We Do?

Over the past two years, we developed a strategy that is successful for courses in all niches on Udemy and in every language. Our team handles the entire marketing process for you, so that you'll have minimal work to do on your end.

1: Course Improvement

Our advanced Udemy tool analyzes your and your competitors' course landing pages, and we use this data to guide you on necessary improvements, so that your courses will rank higher on udemy. We will provide you with templates for landing page optimization, valuable tips for improvement, ready-to-use copy-and-paste message templates, as well as guidance to enhance your understanding of the Udemy algorithm.

2: Udemy Algorithm

We promote 3 coupons (3000 students) for each course each month. In this phase, your courses get a higher ranking and thus will create more organic sales! With Social Media Ads & FB Groups, we promote your courses to hundreds of thousands of real people. Through the many new free enrollments and a few marketing tricks, we improve your udemy algorithm. This will make your course rank higher and be more visible to new customers.

3: Reviews 

Students leave reviews without us asking them, so we do not violate any policies. Usually 20+ students leave real reviews per course per month. This leads to a better udemy profile and to a higher rated course and thus to more trust for potential customers. The reviews are done by real students and they actually watch the course.

4: New sales markets

We connect you with the contacts of 3 - 4 other platforms that will create some extra income each month. Publishing courses on these additional platforms can be started after 3 - 4 months, as only courses with a high number of udemy enrollments and min. 4.5 star reviews are accepted by them.

5: Cross-Promotion

Our unique strategy harnesses the power of cross-promotion, equipping instructors with ready-to-use messages that highlight their diverse courses and programs to their existing student base. By leveraging the trust you've already established, these messages seamlessly introduce students to your other offerings (Courses, Website...), thereby maximizing retention and engagement. This approach not only ensures consistent communication about your latest courses but also positions you to capitalize on established student relationships, expanding your reach and boosting enrollments.

84% of all Instructors earn less than 200$ / month.

We help instructors in maximizing their course earnings.
Our mission is to help you become a successful online course instructor with multiple income streams and a large student audience. We seek a long-term partnership where our benefits are aligned with yours, as we only succeed if you do.


From Our Clients

Very happy with the outcome of this consulting. PH Course Consulting released the full potential of my udemy courses by helping me gaining a better udemy profile with many more students and better reviews. (From 4,2 to 4,9 stars)
  • How much is it and what is included?
    Our Service: Udemy Course Improvement, Boost Udemy Algorithm, up to 3000 students + 20-40 5 star reviews per month, 3-4 New Tested Platforms, Cross-Promotion Templates Our Prices: Our pricing structure is 60€ per course per month.
  • What level of revenue can I expect? Can you guarantee a specific amount of sales?
    While we cannot guarantee a specific revenue amount, as each course's performance may vary, our clients always see an increase in students and reviews within one month, and most of them experience sales growth already within two months. We have clients who previously made less than $200 in monthly profit, experiencing remarkable growth, reaching $4000+ within just 3-4 months.
  • Can I start with only one course to see how it goes?
    If you have only 1 course, we have recently launched a 1 course package for minimum 6 months promotion. We have the option on our website, but if you have more than 1 course we would highly recommend to start with more.
  • Are any of your strategies in violation of Udemy's guidelines?
    All our strategies are reliable and fully compliant with Udemy guidelines. We prioritize ethical and legitimate methods to promote your courses, ensuring that they align with the platform's policies and guidelines.
  • Can you share case studies or example results?
    While most clients prefer to keep their profiles private, we have obtained permission from a selected few to share their information. We also shared some testimonial videos on our website from our clients.
  • How do you promote and market the courses to reach the students?
    We utilize a multi-pronged approach to achieve this: Extensive Student Database: We tap into our vast database of emails from thousands of interested students, regularly updating them about our new courses through email marketing campaigns. Facebook Advertising: We leverage targeted Facebook Ads, specifically designed to reach individuals with interests aligning with the courses or those involved in the education sector. Engagement in FB Groups: Actively sharing and discussing our courses in relevant Facebook groups helps us establish a strong community presence and directly reach interested learners. Despite offering some courses for free, it doesn’t impact your sales negatively. Most students accessing your courses for free might not have bought them otherwise. Furthermore, this generosity often translates into positive reviews and testimonials, enhancing your course's reputation and attracting more students. By combining these strategies, we ensure both high visibility and a positive reputation for your courses, leading to higher enrollment rates.
  • What are the next steps if I want to work with you?
    If you're interested in partnering with us to boost your course's visibility and enrollment, follow these steps: Plan Selection & Customization: You can either select a plan directly from our website or reach out to us at for a custom plan tailored to your needs. Booking & Documentation: Once your plan is booked, you'll receive an automated email containing all necessary templates and documents, including the coupon code document. Fill out these documents and send them back to us. Commencement of Promotion: First: Create the course coupons and send them our way. As soon as we get them, we'll kickstart our promotional activities based on the dates you specify. Our marketing efforts span across social media ads, relevant social media group engagement, and our extensive student email database. We aim to enroll around 3,000 students per course each month. However, niche courses might see slightly different numbers, but rest assured, their limited competition will still ensure a solid ranking. Udemy Insights: For optimal success on Udemy, acquaint yourself with our guidelines on improving Udemy landing pages and understanding the Udemy algorithm. Ensure your landing page aligns with our suggested format for better conversion rates. Subsequent Actions: After 1-2 months: Now's a good time to send copy-and-paste messages to your student base, promoting your other courses. The boost in student numbers from our coupon promotions amplifies the effectiveness of this strategy. After 3 months: Refer to the provided word document for guidance on reaching out to other course platforms. With a surge in students and a stellar instructor profile, other platforms will be more inclined to host and promote your courses. Your strong Udemy profile, boasting numerous students and positive reviews, will bolster your appeal. By following this roadmap, you're setting your courses up for maximum reach and enrollment. We look forward to a successful partnership!
  • Is there much work from my side needed?
    We understand that many instructors, like you, may not have ample time or the specific knowledge about course marketing. This is precisely why we founded our company - to shoulder the marketing burden for you. Our expertise lies in promoting courses effectively, and our processes are designed to minimize the workload on your end. The primary task we require from you is the creation of 3 coupons per course each month. This should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Everything else we recommend or provide is simply an add-on to further enhance your course's success, and it's entirely up to you if you'd like to pursue those additional steps. In essence, we manage the bulk of the work, allowing you to focus on what you do best: teaching and creating quality content.

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